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Where are the "Soft Ribs" of Chinese Fastener Enterprises

Where are the "Soft Ribs" of Chinese Fastener Enterprises

According to the survey, the top 500 fasteners in China are seldom made big by core technology, which is the weakness of Chinese enterprises.
Among the top 500 companies, most rely on low-cost, low-cost and economies of scale. In the context of global competition, can our resource monopoly advantage outweigh the core technological advantage of multinational corporations? Can our cost advantage outweigh the brand advantage of multinational products? Can we survive better?
China's fasteners have attracted worldwide attention. While surprising the developed countries, they have also found a new large market in which multinational corporations have entered. Therefore, when domestic enterprises suddenly feel that it is so difficult to survive in the market, looking around, strong competitors are everywhere.
Technological R&D is now a relatively recognized competition-ldquo; soft rib-rdquo;, for multinational companies as-ldquo; sharp weapon-rdquo; and make their own industry long-term, has become an obvious fact. But whether it can be mastered by domestic enterprises and become & ldquo; sharp weapon & rdquo; is obviously too early to answer positively. Up to now, there are still many enterprises shouting & ldquo; independent R&D & rdquo; is very important, but on the one hand, they refuse to increase investment in technological R&D, so that & ldquo; R&D & rdquo; has become empty words.
Overall, compared with the special equipment of advanced industrial countries, the special equipment for fastener production in our country still lags far behind in terms of manufacturing accuracy, advanced structure, applicable scope of technology, material selection of components, manufacturing and renewal speed, computer application and so on. High-strength fasteners should not only meet the mechanical properties of products, but also meet the requirements of assembling. The process requirements of matching, rigorous control of torque in production and assembly process, and strict control of friction coefficient of bolts to ensure axial force are still very weak, and there is a long way to go.
If there is no core technology, from the perspective of world division of labor, Chinese firms may increasingly work in the lowest value chain, the highest value chain is occupied by others. The weight of fasteners we create and the value of fasteners we create will grow.
Another possibility is management, while the domestic fastener enterprises'understanding of management is limited to the demonstrations of ISO9000 and TS16949, even the certificates of the demonstration are suspicious of being paid for. Industry insiders told me that he had inspected some of the enterprises demonstrated by TS16949, and felt that from the actual management level of some enterprises, it is difficult to obtain such a strict argument, but these enterprises have certificates placed there. Some enterprises'understanding of management is to build new factories, buy new equipment or pay a high price to hire senior managers. How can such management level become “ sharp weapon ”.
Reality tells us that if we want to survive in the increasingly competitive market for a long time, if we don't want to submerge in the encirclement of multinational companies, we must strengthen our body as soon as possible and make contributions to fasteners & ldquo; Made in China & rdquo; Towards & ldquo; Created in China & rdquo.