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Wenzhou Fastener Industry Faces Second Start-up

Wenzhou Fastener Industry Faces Second Start-up

Wenzhou is one of the most concentrated areas of fastener enterprises in China. It has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, there are more than 3000 fastener enterprises in Wenzhou, among which there are more than 200 enterprises of upper scale and upper grade, with annual output of more than 1 million tons and annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. However, there are less than 30 enterprises with annual income of more than 100 million yuan.

The establishment of Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association in early September 2005 marks the market development, scale and strength of Wenzhou Fastener Industry. However, the strength of Wenzhou fasteners is far from that of the multinational firms which have entered our country.

The gap of fastener enterprises in Wenzhou is mainly reflected in poor management, backward technology and low quality. In addition, the small scale of enterprises, unstable matching relationship, less investment in R&D, low product development capacity, low product technology content, low value-added and so on are the urgent problems to be solved by Wenzhou fastener enterprises.

Over the years, the situation of Wenzhou fasteners enterprises in scattered, chaotic and small areas has not been improved. At present, enterprises are facing more and more potential crises, some of which are suffering from survival crises. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the Chinese fastener market will become more cruel. Wenzhou fasteners must improve the level of research and development and manufacturing, otherwise, it will be subject to the constraints of others and weaken the competitiveness of the local fastener industry.

It is reported that some enterprises in Wenzhou have taken action. As resources become increasingly scarce, many enterprises are ready to move out to save costs and increase benefits. According to statistics, 122 firms in Wenzhou have invested 550 million yuan in Wannian County, Jiangxi Province, and built a special industrial park for fasteners. The annual production capacity of per capita standard parts of hardware can reach 200,000 tons.

Fifty-six firms in Wenzhou have invested about 450 million yuan and signed a formal contract with Poyang County, Jiangxi Province, marking the successful transfer of Wenzhou's fastener industry to Poyang County. At present, the total investment is 1.16 billion yuan, and the industrial park has been built.jinggu